Taking Stock 1

Hopefully you’re enjoying Staysane.  Hopefully you’re inspired to chart the course of your own education and find my ‘two cents’ helpful.

I like to use  the metaphor, ‘my two cents on the table’ because one can easily take them or leave them. That ensures that one is indeed charting the course of their  own education. Truth be told, that is the key to ensuring that each and every single one of us thrives in our own unique way. Somehow, I think that’s the point of it all, to wax philosophically for a moment.

Looking back at my first five posts I can see a few take-aways:

  • not knowing something is not an embarrassment but rather, an opportunity,
  • we live on a very big planet with so many ‘countries’, it behooves us to keep an atlas on hand,
  • any of us can improve ‘our game’ and gain a truly rich and wonderful education, resources abound and,
  • delightful, shocking and unsettling surprises await us.

Where to go from here? You may choose to pick up any of the threads of information alluded to in my first five posts. Pathways at hand may inspire you to consider how our schools help or hinder us, or, how the lay-of-the-land looks from different points of view (gotta tell you, this path has taken me from anthropology to quantum physics, who knew?)

Uh oh, one look at the books on Dr. Elliott’s Five Foot Shelf and I can see the lack of sophistication in my own writing. Hmmn, I prefer to allude to my style as ‘folksy.’ You may, on reading one or another of these books, be inspired to improve your writing or,  read a half-dozen biographies of important people.

Taking stock, I am going to pick up that little phrase in the titles held by King Charles III, ‘by the grace of god.’ That seems to me to be one of those things that seems rather innocuous but opens many doors for the curious. So, I will follow that path. Join me?