Another State in the United States?

 Yes, possibly soon.

History: The state of West Virginia set a precedent in 1863. Article 4, Section 3 in the U.S. Constitution specifies how folks may go about, in effect, seceding from one state to create another.

In 1861, when Virginia took the side of the Confederacy, some folks in Virginia drew a line and declared their independence just as the Founding Fathers had done in 1776. In view of the ‘insurrection’ of Virginia, and insofar as the folks that petitioned President Lincoln demonstrated their ability to govern, statehood was granted and voíla, West Virginia,  a new state was formed.

Introduction: Folks in California are replicating that effort and they have made headway. They drew a line separating rural counties from coastal cities in the state.  On January 15, 2017, they took the first step towards creation of a new state; they published their Declaration of  Independence.

Article 4, Section 3 specifies next steps to be taken to create a new state*. The second step is to file Grievances in the public square.  To date, the New California folks have filed 110 grievances in the public square. Their next step is to  negotiate  with the legislature of the existing state. They have bugun to communicate with California legislators  outlining what they perceive to be mutual benefits resulting from the split.

New California is establishing it’s ability to govern. It has a draft Constitution and a legislature. Hmmn. Your thoughts?

* Not all conditions that are required for the establishment of a new state are specified in this post.