Wellness Tech

Many folks have asked me to provide information about the health care tech that I use. I am not a medical practitioner, an electrical engineer or physicist. I do spend considerable time studying developments in these fields with an eye to maintaining wellness. With that caveat, I am happy to share the results of my research and personal experimentation.

It seems to me that biophysics trumps biochemistry. Penetrating the deeper structure and processes that make up the material of our bodies takes health care to another level.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

I have arthritis in my hands. For some months I had to use two hands to hold a full glass of water. 

I learned about PEMF Systems from friends. When I researched the systems I found numerous studies using the IMRS 2000 system on WebMD. I also learned that astronauts in space had found the IMRS 2000 system not only helpful but necessary. Although my friends had Beemers, I opted to buy the IMRS 2000. 

Upon set up of my system I used it 3 times a day. By the end of the second week I had no arthritic pain. I could pick up a half-gallon of milk one-handed with ease. Much to my surprise, my circulation improved and I lost weight. I now just use it once a day. If I feel some discomfort or a cold coming on I use it twice a day. 

Kenroy is a US distributor.  https://goimrs2000.com/products/

There are inexpensive books about PEMF systems for health care. I prefer a more expensive virtual manual that gives specific recommendations for a variety of difficulties, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation: Using the Field to Maximize Your Health by Joel Carmichael DC, DACBSP.


Harmful Electromagnetic Fields

Increasingly physicians are documenting harm caused by cell phone use, cell towers in our environment and WiFi. A group of good folks is compiling a research library to make these studies available to the public. To view their library see https://www.emfwarriors.com/library 

Cell Phone and WiFi Protection

  1. I leave my cell phone home if possible.
  2. If I carry it I keep it on airplane mode.
  3. I use a cell phone radiation blocking case.
  4. When walking I use air tube ear buds.
  1. I use an IPAD.
  2. It is in airplane mode when not in use.
  3. It has a radiation blocking case.

I purchased my  cell phone, IPAD cases and air tube ear buds at Defender Shield. https://www.defendershield.com/  Air tube ear buds are also available on Amazon. It is my understanding that Safe Sleeve also makes excellent protective devices. https://www.safesleevecases.com/

Home and Office Protection

My home WIFi router has an easy on and off mechanism which I use however, I cannot control the use of WiFi by my neighbors or office mates. I purchased 2 Tesla Gold Blue Shield devices to protect my biological system from WiFi and cell towers at home and out and about.

i use the Tesla Cube in my home. I never leave home without tucking the Tesla Portable into my pocket or bag. The Tesla devices cannot make the potentially harmful signals go away but, it is my understanding that the pattern of the pulse that the Tesla Blue Shield devices emit compete with potentially harmful patterns in the environment establishing a resonance with my biological system conducive to well being.

I bought my Tesla Gold Blue Shield devices from Australia. There is now a US distributor and when I talked with the fellow he was extremely patient, knowledgeable and happy to advise. https://www.blushield-us.com/?v=7516fd43adaa

Biophotonic Device

I recently attended a presentation by a well known local physician in Walnut Creek, CA, Dr. Leonard Saputo. He is currently working with Maurice Bales, PhD an electrical engineer. He discussed his successful treatment of a variety of medical problems with a photonic-light emitting device developed by Dr. Bales. https://www.balesphotonics.com/buy-or-rent-the-biophoton-100/

I had been hobbling around with plantar fasciitis for 5 months. My excellent mainstream doctor at Kaiser HMO had advised that it would take time to heal and recommended exercises and pain management  (drugs). Continuing to have pain five months later, albeit less severe pain, I scheduled appointments with Dr. Saputo for biophotonic therapy. After 3 biophotonic therapy treatments three consecutive days I was pain free.

Given the cost of that treatment and my likely future needs I purchased the Firefly biophotonic device and use it as needed at home

Air Quality and  Chemtrails

As some of you know chemtrails have been problematic in California for some time. Here is a link to a hearing held in Shasta County several years ago.

For those of you wanting to understand more of what is known about chemtrails see https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

IMO assessment of air quality in Walnut Creek is badly reported. Reports are presented by zone. Walnut Creek is in the  San Francisco Bay Area zone which includes Marin County, the east bay and a good part of Contra Costa County. There are, as local folks know, significant differences between the microclimates to be found in these regions. The  next zone east of Walnut Creek is bounded by Antioch. Assessments include averages of reports from the whole SF Bay Area region. Nonetheless I have set up air quality notifications to be sent to me daily by enviro-flash. http://www.enviroflash.info/

I purchased a Health Pro Plus air filter from IQ Air. Within 24 hours of use I experienced noticeable improvement. At home, I found myself taking deep breaths much more frequently. I slept better and my swimming stamina doubled. https://www.iqair.com/home-air-purifiers/healthproseries

Water Quality

Although local water sources pass quality control standards, there is some question as to whether the tests used are sufficient to identify harmful elements. Additionally, if at some point quality is measurably low, it will be the case that for some weeks or months prior to that result residents were likely exposed. I use MultiPure filtration in my home.    https://www.multipure.com/