Work-Life Balance Means What Exactly?

Indeed, maintain social relationships (tricky given ‘cancel culture’)

Indeed, maintain family relationships (tricky given ‘cancel culture’)

Indeed, get outside. (easy peasy, do it)

Indeed, meditate (there are 100 ways to do it, do it)

What’s Missing? Intellectual Nourishment!

Intellectualization is An Emotional Stabilizer!

Intellectual Starvation is a Direct Cause of Depression and Anxiety!

Call or email me, Educational Coaching can be helpful to everybody!


People work hard, go home, watch TV, go to bed. 

Or, people work hard, chauffeur kids from point A to point B, watch TV, go to bed.

Speaking of children, what accounts largely for the joy of childhood? In no small part, learning something new every day.

Was college fun? In no small part, because we learned something new every day..

No college? No problem. Discover the joy of self-guided learning. Discover the joy of sophisticated conversations. 

Read, Ponder, Discuss, Read, Ponder, Discuss, Repeat

Our brains process information one way while reading (engaging), another way while watching (absorbing-maybe). Bitchute should be the icing on the cake, not the cake. I know I ‘should’ have said ‘You Tube’, but, have you heard of Bitchute? Rumble? So much to learn, so little time. 🙂