Work-Life Balance! You Bet and…

indeed maintain social relationships, indeed maintain family relationships, indeed get outside, exercise and  meditate.

What’s Missing? Intellectual Nourishment!

Intellectual Starvation is a Direct Cause of Depression!

In the face of the manufactured chaos of our times, Intellectualization is an Emotional Stabilizer (a virtual antidote to anxiety)!


What accounts largely for the joy of childhood? In no small part, learning something new every day. Was college fun? In no small part, because we learned something new every day. No college? No problem. Discover the joy of self-guided learning.

Understand the Complexity of our Times.

TV anchormen and women are not reliable sources of information. Inform yourself.

Intellectual Development Coaching can be helpful to everybody! Perhaps we can custom tailor a course of study that suits you, inspires you and nourishes your intellectual self. Yes, you do have an intellectual self.

We can surely custom tailor a course of study that helps you understand the historical moment; momentous events are restructuring our world as we speak.

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