Staying Sane

Stay Sane is dedicated to helping folks weather the storm as public pronouncements, media outlets, and twitter compete for our time and attention.  The whirlwind of so-called exposés, contradictory information and hysteria is unsettling in the extreme.

Sadly, many folks lack confidence in their own ability to sort out the signal from the noise. Stay Sane encourages and informs the evolution of your own thoughts on matters.

To begin with, I will address the matter of confidence.

I have never met a person that was not a philosopher. However, I have met few who would claim to be a philosopher. To ‘philosophize’ is to be a philosopher, to offer your views on serious matters. I invite you to think of yourself as a philosopher. My guess is, for most folks, that’s going to feel like a stretch. It’s not. You have been tricked into underestimating yourself.

That stops now.

I am, as we speak, offering you a new foundation from which to operate. If you can follow me on this, you will be tossing out what you previously thought, ‘who me, a philosopher?’ and acknowledging that , yes, you do ‘philosophize,’ you are a philosopher and you don’t need any institution to confer that title upon you.

Taste the freedom. You’ve chosen a new perspective. You’ve transformed yourself. You’ve become a philosopher.

Would it surprise you to know that our first scientists called themselves philosophers? All science is derived from philosophy. Now I can’t pass up the opportunity to note that as you learn this bit of history, you are becoming a historian, that is a student of history.

The take-away here is that you are a philosopher, a historian and insofar as science is derived from philosophy, you are a scientist. A scientist? Yes. Each time you posit an idea as a ‘maybe,’ you are formulating a hypothesis.

Own this about yourself and the contradictory information coming at you from all sides will not be crazy-making. You will tap something within yourself that has been deliberately suppressed. You were taught to believe the experts, to trust that your teachers knew, and to treat your intuition and your own suspicions as of little value. How cruel.

At Stay Sane you can learn to hone your thinking skills, ‘follow your nose’ and study what is of particular interest to you. You will not find canned curriculum at Stay Sane. Poke around the Stay Sane web site to see how I do it, how you can do it and how, an excellent education can follow. 

We are hard wired to learn. That means change folks. It can be scary, humiliating and hard but the alternative is to force your thinking into never ending and very likely self defeating  feedback loops that require energy to maintain. To learn can also be exhilarating, liberating and extremely satisfying.

And the bonus? We can all function better as citizens. Ignorance and unwillingness to revisit our assumptions did not build the modern world.

Do you feel under-educated? Mis-educated? Sold more than one ‘bill of goods?’ Are you itching  to pick up the thread of your education independently? I am happy to assist with your effort by;

  1. Offering Educational Coaching to adults  wanting guidance and support for college level self-directed education.
  2. Posting to my Stay Sane blog to entertain, inform and support self directed education.

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