Old School Psychotherapy? Pause and Take Stock

Once upon a time, people perceived the wisdom of pausing to take stock. Once upon a time, a careful reconsideration of our own psychology was thought to be essential for true maturation. It was a given that one could not be entirely objective about oneself hence, people sought counsel from village elders, spiritual counselors and, counselors whose life path permitted in-depth analysis of the complexity of mind.

In the 1950’s a medical juggernaut appeared on the scene with an extraordinary menu of medications to lessen psychological pain and discomfort. It would appear that the medications (or belief in the efficacy of the medications) do indeed lessen pain and discomfort. However, now difficulties that in past years inspired introspection, have been labeled a ‘medical problem’ warranting drug treatment.

We abandon the pause to take stock at our peril. The mobilization of our mental wherewithal cannot occur without entertaining the idea that perhaps, it would be to our benefit to rethink some things or that, perhaps it might be to our  benefit to rethink everything.

 Would you like to pause and take stock?
Coaching; learn to ‘witness’ your own mental activity. That alone triggers a self-correct function. Side effect? Relative peace of mind. 


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