Contextualizing the News of the Day

Modern banking has it’s origins in 12th century Venice. Need I note, we may assume bankers have acumulated a lot of wealth to date? Might it be ‘bankers’ are major players in world affairs today? 

The architecture of current global trade relations is rooted in colonial relationships fully in place by the 18th century. This was accomplished by brute force and mastery of the sea lanes. That legacy, active through the 20th century, continues to strain international relations to this day. Hmmn, who financed those ventures? 

Need I note ‘colonialisn’ is offensive to moden day sensibilities?

Modern global trade relationships have been shaped by the ‘global financial management system’. That system, put in place post WW2 is now being characterized by many as ‘neocolonialism.’ Hmmn. ‘Financial management system’? Bankers again? 

Global trade relations and financial management are now characterized by a tug of war of epic proportions. This has profound implications for all of us. We are being buffeted about by economic wars, kinetic wars, information wars, cultural wars…

Is it necessary to know this to navigate your  life? 

Yes, given the tremendous social and cultural upheaval in our communities,  given the poor performance of children in our schools, given the plight of the homeless in our neighborhoods, given the apparent necessity that we partner with our medical doctors as effectively as possible, it is.

It is time to ‘up our game.’

Perhaps we can custom tailor a course of study that suits you, inspires you and nourishes your intellectual self. We can surely custom tailor a course of study that helps you understand the historical moment; momentous events are restructuring our world as we speak.

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