Underestimating Yourself?

Schools and colleges have left us ill equipped to navigate the storm of public pronouncements coming at us everyday. Media outlets have become suspect. The whirlwind of so-called exposés, contradictory information and hysteria coming at us are noise.

Sadly, many folks lack confidence in their own ability to sort the signal from the noise. Stay Sane encourages and informs the evolution of your own thoughts on matters.

To begin with, I will address the matter of confidence. I have never met a person that was not a philosopher. Do you speculate? Do you think in hypothetical terms? (ie; ‘maybe that’s why, hmmn’.) I invite you to think of yourself as a philosopher. My guess is, for most folks, that’s going to feel like a stretch. It’s not. You have been tricked into underestimating yourself.

Would it surprise you to know that our first scientists called themselves philosophers? All science is derived from philosophy. Now I can’t pass up the opportunity to note that as you learn this bit of history, you are a historian, that is, a student of history.

Own this about yourself and the contradictory information coming at you from all sides will not be crazy-making. You will tap something within yourself that has been perhaps neglected, perhaps suppressed. You are wired to be curious.  Run with that ball and find yourself healthier and happier.

Perhaps we can custom tailor a course of study that suits you, inspires you and nourishes your intellectual self. We can surely custom tailor a course of study that helps you understand the historical moment; momentous events are restructuring our world as we speak.

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