Dear Guest

Sadly, across the board, during the 2016 election campaign anxiety levels shot up, family arguments exhausted themselves and friendships bit the dust.

Sleeplessness, confusion, fear and isolation became all too common. Folks discovered, as they blustered, that they couldn’t make a logical argument for their own positions, a humbling experience.

Beware of sellers of snake oil. Your symptoms are not mental illness. You do not need a pill to calm yourself. Embrace the ‘craziness.’ Breakdowns can and do become breakthroughs.

READ, take walks and, think folks. That is what we need to do to recover and regain balance. Your sleeplessness, fear, confusion and isolation will self correct in time. Your ability to formulate your own position on issues will present itself.

Reluctant To Read?

Being privy to the thoughts of another is the essence of intimacy. Writers reveal their fantasies, if not their personal stories in fiction. Nonfiction writers harness their intellectual powers and work very hard to argue  a case for what they believe to be true. Writers extend themselves to you the reader and you the reader, literally get to know them well.

Perhaps we can custom tailor a course of study that suits you, inspires you and nourishes your intellectual self. We can surely custom tailor a course of study that helps you understand the historical moment; momentous events are restructuring our world as we speak.

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