Reading is Good, However…

infomation read passes through the reader. The reader may enjoy the author, be shocked by the author or marvel at his/her insights. The reader may quote the author. But the reader does not ‘own’ the information. The reader has not ‘digested’ the information. 

To own the information, to digest it, to have it season your own world view, you must grapple with it. This requires pulling from the text salient points written in your own hand. It requires discussing it with peers in a position to consider the implications of the information, the place it occupies in the larger scheme of things. 

As an Intellectual Development Coach I will partner with you and help you enjoy, explore and deeply comprehend whatever you choose to learn. 

Perhaps we can custom tailor a course of study that suits you, inspires you and nourishes your intellectual self. We can surely custom tailor a course of study that helps you understand the historical moment; momentous events are restructuring our world as we speak.

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